Live Coaching Training in Vic-NSW-Qld-SA-WA

The Life Coaching College is a 'live' in the room Training company bringing together the Leaders in Personal Development, NLP, Matrix Therapies, Hypnosis, Leadership and Coaching and combining their skills to provide cutting-edge Training. We think Coaches learn best by being in an actual classroom with real Trainers and fellow students. If you love to learn by being around other people then you will love TLCC. We have Training Centres in every State which means no costly travel to complete your training and lots of like minded students right there in your community.

Our Life Coach Training Team

We have searched Australia to assemble a Coaching and Training Team that will help you become not only the best version of yourself but also the best Coach possible! 

Our Life Coaching Course Inclusions

Every Student of the Life Coaching College receives:

  • A Coaching website
  • An NLP Practitioner Certificate
  • An Internationally recognised Training
  • A Student Mentor
  • A complete marketing program
  • A complete 12 Step Coaching System
  • A minimum of 11 Full days of 'live' Training

Our Life Coaching Course Students

Since 2011 we have had students ranging from 18 to 84 and everything in between. They have travelled far and wide and occupied their time with every pursuit from CEO to stay at home mum. There is no perfect fit for a Coach, just look below! All you do need to bring to the table you already have: a ton of tenacity, passion, purpose and resilience whilst we will provide the techniques and learning environments to help you learn the art and Science of Coaching.

Life Coaching Course Introduction Days

What Do Our Coaches Love About Coaching?

We gave our students 5 minutes to shoot a video wherever they were and post it up on Facebook. The question they had to answer was "What Do You Love About Coaching". Here are there answers..

- A Few of our Accreditations - 

**TLCC reminds all students that results may vary from person to person and success is not guaranteed. In fact we stress that your success will dependent on your own hard work in setting up your Coaching business.