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Free Pack Reveals..   How To Get Started Out As A Life Coach Right Now

Free Training Reveals...

  • The 10 Things I wish I knew about Coaching before I started
  • The best method for picking the Life Coaching College that's right for you
  • How you can have an amazing career working from your home and be your own BOSS
  • "Create Your Destiny" - A mini Coaching course you can complete right now 
  • A Training on How To Develop Your Entrepreneurial  Mindset
  • Training on the 6 desires that drive every single person and how this knowledge helps you get your clients the outcomes they are secretly looking for.

We run our Complete Diploma of Life Coaching right here in Brisbane...

Yasemin Oznek

The moment I spoke to Glen my life started to transform, anything that wasn’t serving me & my bigger purpose started to shift. I was petrified but now I realise this is inevitable especially when you take 100% responsibility for yourself & Glen believes in you. You might be exactly where I was as you read this, do yourself a huge favour & start living your destiny, allow it to unfold & call Glen now

Ghada Maklouf

TLCC was my first choice from the beginning when I was looking for a Coaching College. I am glad I made that decision. Glen is an amazing knowledgeable coach with down to earth personality and showed the sincerity to help me (the group) achieve my(our) dream of coaching. The material is advanced and straight forward, it’s priceless what I have taken from this course for my personal growth and my future in coaching. Thank you Glen for the priceless gift of brighter future you have given me. I appreciate it

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