20% off your Coaching Course Deal

20% Off Your Coaching Course !!

Hi Future Coach!

It’s Glen here and today I wanted to give you an opportunity to begin your coaching career.

I’m offering you 20% off the cost of your course – even if you use a payment plan and you can even use your discount as your deposit!!!

Why am I doing this??

Because I know when I started on this journey the hardest thing to do was to take the first step..

Because becoming a Coach changed my life completely and want you to experience that too.

In a Nutshell:

  • You enrol in one of our courses within the next 48 hours
  • You can use your 20% discount as your FULL deposit
  • You begin your coaching course immediately
  • My team and I teach you how to be an amazing coach
  • You promise to go and out and change the World

To take advantage of this opportunity RIGHT NOW just pop your details in the box below or call

Glen on 1800 424556


This offer is ONLY available for the next 48 hours and is not for people who want to stay stuck, make excuses or lead miserable lives!