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Top 10 Tangible Benefits of Optimism

There are two general attitudes you can hold: Pessimism and optimism. Pessimists have poorer long-term results than optimists. Optimists are healthier, happier, and more successful. If you’ve been accused of being pessimistic, rethink your perspective. Optimism is a more enjoyable way to live.

Optimism has many advantages over pessimism:

1. You’ll excel. When learning a new skill, studies have shown that optimistic people tend to overestimate their current skill level. However, those that are optimistic ultimately learn a new skill at a higher level. Those that most accurately judge their abilities at the beginning fail to learn as well as those that are more optimistic.

2. Strengthen your health. Optimistic people have been shown to have healthier blood sugar and cholesterol levels. They’re also more likely to exercise and less likely to smoke. Optimists carry less body fat, too.

3. Lower stress. When you expect good things to happen, there are fewer reasons to experience stress. In fact, when things go wrong, optimistic people are more likely to view the mishap as an opportunity for something bigger and better to happen.

4. Uplift your mood. Your attitude affects all aspects of your life. Adopting an optimistic perspective might be the easiest way to lift your attitude.

5. Make more friends. Others appreciate your optimism. When you have positive expectations, you positively affect the mood of those around you. You’ll find yourself with more friends and have greater influence over others. The people you like the most are those that make you feel the best. Your optimism benefits others.

6. It’s the most effective option. Pessimism doesn’t have much to offer. It’s damaging to your health, mood, and results. Others avoid pessimists. Why would you choose to be anything other than optimistic? What other intelligent option do you have?

7. Optimists dare themselves to be great. Pessimists are too afraid to try new things or take the risks that are necessary for higher levels of success. Optimists are in a better position to pursue and achieve greatness.

8. Boost your immune system. Or maybe pessimism suppresses your immune system. Either way, you’ll get sick less frequently if you have a positive outlook on life. You might even spend less at the doctor’s office.

9. Live longer. You’re more likely to live to be 100 years old if you’re optimistic. Interviews with centenarians consistently demonstrate an optimistic attitude about the future. Optimism is one of the most enjoyable ways to extend longevity. An optimistic attitude might allow you to spend time with your great grandchildren.

10. Make smarter decisions under pressure. This can be helpful at work and in your personal life. When you deal with stress more effectively, you can make wiser decisions. When you expect a negative outcome, your decisions will be mostly defensive in nature.

Optimism has a lot to offer. You’re hurting your future, yourself, and those around you by being pessimistic. Optimism is free and it feels good. Your health, success, and mental health are all enhanced when you hold a positive viewpoint. Let go of your pessimism and view the world from an enthusiastic perspective. You’ll be glad you did!

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