The Facebook Series

The Facebook Series

Welcome to the Facebook Series. This series is all about helping you utilise Facebook in your business.

Facebook Ad Mastery

​This class is all about writing a compelling ad including the Do's, The Don't s and an example of an actual campaign.

Cell content

In this class Glen talks about Facebook groups, why they are important and how you can set one up, join others and monetise your group.

Simple steps to setting up your first Facebook group. Just click the link for the download.


Mind Map

Chapter I: The History of Facebook

Chapter II: Why to use Facebook?

Chapter III: What exactly is a Facebook Page?

Chapter IV: 8 Steps to Facebook Marketing Success

Step 1: Pick your Topic, Identify your target market

Step 2: Create your Facebook Page Account, the right one

Step 3: Create your Cover Image, not breaking the rules

Step 4: Create your Profile Picture, avoiding confusion

Step 5: Create the “About” section, engaging the visitor

Step 6: Using Facebook Tabs, absolutely amazing

Step 7: Posting, getting the most out of it

Step 8: Getting Likes, quickly and safely