Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much face to face training do you provide and is there support?

It really depends on the course that you choose but somewhere between 11 days and 35 days. Our programs all provide a minimum of 12 months support. We feel that 11 days is the absolute minimum any Course should offer face to face.

Have you had students who are successful coaches?

Yes.. We have lots of success stories and you can check them out on our success stories page.

Do you have any accreditation?

Yes.. One of our courses “Advanced Practitioner of Life Coaching” is ACSTH approved by the ICF and we are also accredited through Extended Disc International and the Australian Board of NLP.

How experienced are your Trainers and mentors.

All of our mentors and trainers have successful coaching and/or Training businesses. We think its vital that you learn from people that are ahead of you and have the runs on the board.

Do you give help with regard Attracting Clients?

Absolutely! We have over 50 hour’s worth of classes just on client attraction and business building as well as a 2 day Training and we build you a client attracting website!

How many hours per week will I need to dedicate to Coaching.

This is a great question!! The minimum you would want to be working on your coaching would be 6 hours. Anything less than this and I don’t see you building the momentum required to launch a coaching business.

Will I have a mentor during the course?

YES… In fact you will have at least 4! You will have one for Coaching, one for Marketing, one for ICF and another one for Strategy. This means that you will always have an expert in each area of your Coaching business to throw ideas around with.