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So let’s get you started.

1, Login to

2, Buy Access - Leave This Field As Is (No Fee To You)

3, Enter Coupon Code - enter tlcc01

4, Username - select what you like as this will be your login name

5, User Email - please add your email here as you will receive reminders

6, User First Name - enter your first name only

7, User Last Name - enter your surname

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Our system will take about 20 seconds to register you name on our platform and take you to your dashboard.

Once logged in, you simply require to:

1 - Step 1 - Survey. Read each statement and click on a star that represents how you feel. Reflect on what goals could help you improve your own star rating and click on the step 2 goals button.

2, Step 2 - Goals. In this area, you simply:

Click open

Click add goal (Button on the right)

Add your goals and select your date

Once achieved, tick that goal and repeat this process.

3, Connect - You can invite someone online to share your survey and goals content and engage an accountability partner or coach.

Simply search their name online and send an invite.

From there you will view their name in this area and you can view their progress and set each other goals and support one another.

This becomes a virtual coaching model which is where the market is heading!

We also have step by step videos online in your left hand menu to help along.

In the immediate term, please refer to the College and stay tuned to some of our planning days which are coming soon.