FREE Event: How to Become a Coach in Queensland

January 20th 9am-1pm
Hotel Jen - 159 Roma St, Brisbane City QLD 4000

What You'll Learn In This FREE Training

Have you been looking at becoming a Coach? Are you confused about the options? Have you thought that you would love more information about what becoming a Coach really looks like? In this one day event we take you through all of the possibilities and permutations for becoming a Coach. 

What You'll Discover in this Training:

  • What are the keys to success as a Coach
    We explore a few of the key principles to success in any business pursuits.
  • Accreditation                        
    What is it in the Coaching landscape in Australia, which is important and what should you look for.
  • 7 Step Marketing System
    We take you behind the curtain and teach you the steps in our marketing system that help you build your coaching business quickly.
  • Key Statistics in Coaching
    How much do Coaches earn? How many are there? How many people are searching for Coaches? We will answer every question you may have about the Coaching profession. 
  • Your First Coaching Session..
    During the Training we will give you a chance to run your very first coaching session! Thats right, experience what coaching feels like as a client and a Coach!
  • What is Coaching?
    Learn how to create 100% professional looking marketing videos, using free tools only.
  • What is NLP?
    NLP is the biggest game changer in Coaching. This 7 day Training changes  lives and assists coaches to help become truly Transformational Coaches.
  • What are the Hottest Niches in Coaching
    Lets explore what a Niche is, why it's important and break some myths about what Niche means to you.

Training Starts Soon: