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The Opt In and Payment form for LCF is at the bottom of the page! As long as you have a credit card you can use Paypal! If you get stuck just call Glen on 0425 737169.

Your Opportunity to Join 100 other Coaches in Australia's Biggest Coach Marketing Initiative.

Welcome to an exciting initiative. If you are here I am assuming you're interested so I will get out of your way. You have 2 Choices on this page:

1. Watch the video explaining all about Life Coach Finder in case you missed it.

2. If you want to be one of the 100 Coaches then just pop your details into the form below to ensure that you have a spot and pay with Paypal. Please note that you simply use your Credit Card at the Paypal page.

++Please note the price is in USD.. (It equates to $499 as of 29-4-2015.‚Äč

Watch this quick class to learn more!

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