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Our Speaker, Trainer, Author program provides you with the skills and business acumen to be a prolific thought leader and readily reach as many people as possible through trainings, products and key note speaking. As a Key Person of Influence, you’re often somebody with something to say that others are inspired by.  This training will equip you to lead, educate and channel your creativity and personality, in a way that will grow and inspire others.  You become a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming with an acute ability to interpret human behaviour, assisting you with creating online programs, book writing and disseminate your message.

Blended Learning: Study the Way You Want It

All of our courses are blended learning environments which means that you have a blend of Training in a classroom, via written materials, Audio programs and classes via the student learning portal. This mixture gives all learners the chance to fit study in  whilst maintaining a busy schedule.

Our Courses and Trainers have a variety of recognitions:

Our Diploma course is ICF Recognised