TLCC Terms and Conditions For Students

Hi and Welcome to the student record and Terms and Conditions page. As an externally audited College it is important that we have a functional set of student Terms and Policies to protect your rights as a student and those of all other students and Staff.

As part of your enrolment process with TLCC we ask you to agree to our terms and conditions as stated in the policy document at the bottom of the page as well as on the page and also confirm your current address details. When completing the form please use the exact email address that this request came to initially. This is your student email and can be changed at a later date but must be used for the purposes of filling in this form.

Please read and then submit by clicking the button at the bottom of the page and note that completion of this form is a compulsory component of your student enrolment. This is a legally binding set of Terms and Conditions and by clicking the submit button you understand that you have agreed to the Terms as they are set out in both the Handbook and the Page.

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Payment Plans and Student Loans

Please note that we utilise PayRight and Ezypay for our student loans. Ensure that you know which one you have entered into.

SECTION A: Your Information

SECTION B: Terms & Conditions

The Life Coaching College Terms and Conditions 

Terms and Conditions for TLCC – All Courses.

The payment of the investment amount to The Life Coaching College entitles the Student to:

1. Attend the trainings the student has selected and receive the training services provided at that training, & receive a copy of the training materials that are relevant to the training service that has been selected at the time of enrolment.

Training – I agree 
1. That the training sessions which I will be required to participate in may be personally, emotionally and physically challenging for me and I agree that I have undertaken any necessary tests or investigations with a suitably qualified expert before commencing training to ensure that I am physically, mentally and emotionally fit for it.
2. I will not hold The Life Coaching College liable for any loss or cost or damages incurred by me (or any person related to me) in the event of mental, physical, emotional stress or distress (or other ailment or condition) caused either directly or indirectly in relation to these training sessions. I will indemnify you in the event of any such claim.
3. To access all classes via internet at my own cost and that some training sessions will be recorded for training & marketing purposes or photos will be taken for same.
4. That once I have chosen and enrolled in my selected program I cannot downgrade my choice 
5. To consent TLCC collecting photos and electronic images for the purpose of Marketing and advertisement for TLCC courses. These images may be individual or group images and can be used on all electronic and print media advertising.

The Client, in consideration of The Course to be provided by The Life Coaching College under this agreement, agrees –

1. To indemnify & keep indemnified The Life Coaching College from & against all loss, damage or liability (whether criminal or civil) suffered & legal fees & costs incurred by The Life Coaching College resulting from breach of this agreement by the Student including if applicable any neglect or default of the Student’s employees or agents.

2. Not to cause or permit anything which may damage or endanger the intellectual property of The Life Coaching College or assist or allows others to do so (The Life Coaching College’s intellectual property includes all aspects of The Life Coaching College’s intellectual property in whatever form associated with The Life Coaching College, including but not limited to the rights contained in their website, stationary, customer lists, graphics, literature, style of trading, copyright, design rights, patents, logos, course materials and content etc).

 3. Not to solicit, deal with or engage any of the personnel provided by The Life Coaching College to supply the Course for a period of five years from the date of the agreement without the prior written consent from The Life Coaching College, nor deal with or engage in business dealings with any The Life Coaching College personnel.

4. Not to make copies, download video or distribute any of the written, audio or video materials from the Course other than as required to do so for the purpose of participating in the Course. Except as this Agreement specifically permits, at any time to divulge to any third party any part of the Confidential Information or of the Intellectual Property nor provide to any third party a copy of any document or audio recording which comprises or contains Confidential Information or Intellectual Property.

5. The course fees and the course selected are not transferable for any reason.

6. That any publicity or information provided by The Life Coaching College in relation to the provision of the Course are for guidance only & are subject to alteration from time to time without consent from the Student.

7. That in the event that The Life Coaching College is liable to any extent under this agreement or under general law The Life Coaching College’s liability is to be limited to the amount of the Fee paid by the Student.

8. That The Life Coaching College is not liable in any way if the Course contains materials which the Student is already familiar with.

9. That The Life Coaching College has not made any representation that participation in the Course guarantees success as a Life or Executive Coach or NLP Practitioner or will guarantee income.

10. Assessments required to achieve competency in the Course will be conducted and any certificate or statement of attainment may only be awarded once competency is achieved & upon the completion of all payments.

11. All difference which may arise as a result of this agreement shall be referred to a single arbitrator to be agreed upon by the parties and must take place in Victoria, Australia.

12. I acknowledge that if any of these terms and conditions or any part of them is illegal or invalid, then only those terms and conditions or that part of them will be void and the remainder will remain in full force and effect.

Course Refunds

fees and charges, refers to all those monies payable directly to the Life Coaching College in respect of course fees and related charges (including GST were applicable); costs, refers to the additional costs that a student could be reasonably expected to incur while undertaking an Life Coaching College training program;

This Policy applies only to those fees and charges levied by and paid directly to the Life Coaching College in respect of training programs and services provided by it. This policy does not apply to any other costs a student/client incurs in undertaking such training programs or services. An initial, non-refundable deposit will apply to all training programs and/or services, payable in full on registering for the training program or service. Students can opt to transfer their enrolment to the same program being conducted at a later time with no penalty rather than withdraw.

3. Course cancellation by the Life Coaching College
Where the Life Coaching College cancels a course prior to its advertised commencement date then enrollees will be offered the choice of either transferring to a future program OR having the fees already paid, including the deposit, refunded fully.

3.2 Student withdrawal. Students are required to notify TLCC, in writing, within 10 working days after enrolling should they wish to cancel the enrolment. A full refund of all monies paid, less a deposit value $1500 will be made. Cancellations after the 10 working days will result in the full fees being charged and all payment plans being honoured i.e students will not be eligible for any refund of monies paid.

3.3 Extreme personal hardship... TTLCC considers the following to be examples of the types of extreme personal hardship considered appropriate;

  • sudden death of a partner or dependent child;
  • traumatic physical/mental injuring or medical condition requiring significant and constant medical treatment;
  • recommendation from a medical practitioner that it would be unadvisable for a student to continue with the program.

The following are examples of what TLCC does not consider extreme personal hardship, and hence not eligible for pro-rata refund:

  • no longer interested in completing the program;
  • relocation inter/intra-state;
  • additional employment workload impacting on available course time.

3.4 Dissemination of information concerning this Refund Policy Information concerning TLCC refund Policy will be made available to all prospective students prior to enrolment:

  • on the terms and Conditions page;
  • through the course enquiries to TLCC Head Office, and in the Student Handbook

3.5 Deferral A student considering withdrawal may opt to defer their studies for a period of 12 months with no financial penalty. Please note that payments can not be deferred.

3.6 Non Attendance at booked trainings.
It is the students responsibility to attend all classroom training they are booked into. If a student withdraws from a live Training within 4 weeks of that training taking place the student may be charged a $250 NON Attendance fee unless their has been Sudden Personal Hardship. (Please refer 3.7) This fee will be at the discretion of the CEO.

3.7 Sudden Personal Hardship for non attendance at Trainings

  • Death in the family
  • Serious illness (doctors certificate required)

Students wishing to withdraw from or defer a program in which they are enrolled must advise the Chief Executive Officer, in writing, of their intention to withdraw or defer and the date upon which such withdrawal/deferral becomes effective.

Where a student has decided to withdraw after the commencement of a program and seeks a refund then they should provide documented evidence to support their reasons for seeking such a refund. (see Section 3.3 Extreme personal hardship above)

The Chief Executive Officer will assess all and any claims for refund in accordance with this policy and advise the applicant, in writing, of the outcomes of such considerations. If students are aggrieved or dispute the outcome then they may appeal the decision in the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal