Why Choose us?

Why Choose The Life Coaching College?

Our Coaching Packages

Each Life Coaching Course with The Life Coaching College includes:

  1. Accredited NLP Training
  2. A Website Built for you – and a complete Marketing course on how to use it to build your business
  3. International Accreditation
  4. At least 9 days face to face training 
  5. Coach mentoring to help you improve your coaching skills
  6. 24 Hours of Coaching practice with fellow students

***Any coaching school that is serious about helping you set up a coaching business should provide all of these 6 key ingredients

Value Diploma of Coaching Master Practitioner Of Coaching Advanced Diploma in Coaching
Coaching Skills Handbooks
– Practitioner of Coaching Manual
– Advanced Coaching Skills Manual
– Building Your Successful Coaching Business Manual
Advanced skills for the Coach – 6 Webinars extending your knowledge of coaching $1,200      
Outstanding Coaching in Practice – A series of coaching sessions for you to listen to and experience. An outstanding way to further embed your new skills and learn some more. $1,200      
Marketing and Business Building for the beginner Coach –  Classes designed to help your coaching business explode $3,120      
Face to Face 2 Day Coaching Training Your introduction to the coaching world. You will have enough knowledge after these 2 days to get out there and start coaching $2,000      
“The Coach Tutor”
A series of over 40 classes spread across the year covering multiple aspects of Coaching, Personal Development and Human behaviour
Coach Training Teams – After your Live 2 Day training benefit from the experience of working with 2 other coaches for 4 hours each as you further enhance your coaching skills. In addition you have the opportunity for 8 hours of coaching to remove your own barriers and limiting beliefs and map out your own perfect future. $1,200      
“The Riches are in the Niches” – A specialised webinar series on Niche Coaching. How to identify if there is a hole in the market and a market in the hole. $900      
International Accreditation Training
Webinar classes to help you gain the skills to become an ICF accredited coach or an IAC accredited Coach
Coach mentoring program x 10 Hours
Supervised Coach practice sessions
Neuro-Linguistic Programming 7 Day Practitioner Course
The most advanced coaching techniques in the World.
Magazine Style Website $997
Client Generating Website A personalised website built for you that will find, filter and pre-quality your perfect clients on autopilot $2997
Leadership and Executive Coaching
A complete unit for all coaches who want to work with Executives and in Leadership Including Advanced Coaching for Leaders
A 2 day training about self leadership and coaching Leadership
Fantastic Workshops
Learn how To Run Workshops, Seminars and Training Events – A 2 day training that teaches everything you need to know to run your first event.
Master Practitioner of NLP – 9 Days Advanced NLP Training $6,500    
Accredited Consultant of Extended Disc $3,500  
3 Day Sales and Marketing Mastermind for Coaches $5,000  
2 x 1 Hour One-On-One Marketing Consultations to define your niche and target market – the foundation of a great marketing campaign. $2,000
NLP Trainers Training –Learn how to run your own NLP Trainings, become an outstanding presenter and smash any fear you may have had about Speaking on stage! $5996
Total Value $14,110 $33,120 $58,117
Your Investment (Upfront Payment) $4997.00 $9997.00 $14,997.00
Your Investment (Payment Plan Option) $500 Deposit $93 per week ($5336) $1000 Deposit $93 per week ($10,672) $2,500 Deposit $130 per week ($15,997)
That’s a saving of $8,700 $25,963 $43,120
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