1 Day FREE Self Hypnosis Training

Saturday August 27 9am - 5pm TLCC HQ

Have you been wondering about Hypnosis and how it can be used as a Modality in Coaching? This one day Training has been created to help you learn what it is like to use Self Hypnosis and develop skills faster, smarter and better than using any any other Modality

  • What is hypnosis
  • What is hypnosis is used for
  • What is consciousness
  • What are imprints and where do they come from
  • When do imprints take place
  • Neuro-science and its influence on hypnosis
  • Why the brain affects thoughts, emotions and behaviour
  • How can self hypnosis benefit you
  • What does hypnosis FEEL like
  • How excellence plays a part in everyday life and anything else leads tofailure
  • States, positive emotions that give certainty NOT hope
  • To remove imprints
  • How to set SMARTER goals for your life
  • Time management - the secret to success
  • Speed reading to make learning easier
  • Self hypnosis, meditation and awaken consciousness
  • To build courage, resist fear and make life a career choice
  • 8 hours of hands on experience of self hypnosis that creates a lifetime ofresults with it

Meet Your Trainer - DJ Jackson

D J Jackson was the first ever appointed Master Hypnosis Trainer by the ABH (American Board of Hypnotherapy) and has been using and teaching hypnosis for over 25 years. He is an international trainer, coach and hasdeveloped a conscious approach to hypnosis that uses the brains natural response and change neuro-plasticity to reprogram thoughts, feelings and actions to circumstances.