15 Reasons Why You Should Attend Our Learn How To Become A Coach Event on Saturday in Cheltenham April 14.
9am - 1pm

1. It’s 100% FREE

You won’t need to shell out anything to attend. You get to spend time investigating whether coaching might be for you with No Risk..

2. The Life Coaching College is the REAL DEAL

TLCC has been around since 2011 and Trained 1000's of Coaches. This training is focused on helping you understand the Coaching Industry and explaining the possible pathways.

3. Learn the 5 keys to success as a Coach

In this training we teach you the keys to not only coaching success but success in life.

4. Understand all of the types of accreditation and what it actually means to you as a Coach..

There are a lot of myths out there regarding accreditation, let us help you wade through the truth so you know exactly what everything means.

5. Discover a 7 step marketing campaign that works on autopilot.

One of the most common asked questions is what is the best way to get clients. Let us show you a proven 7 step formula that works on autopilot.

6. Find out all of the statistics for having a coaching business and decide based on real evidence if this is for you.

We have the latest survey results from Coaches in Australia and these results will both shock and excite you.

7. Complete your very first coaching session as a Coach!!.

There is no better way to know if might like coaching than to try it right! In this workshop we give you the chance to try one of the sessions from our famous 12 Step Coaching program.

8. Complete your very first coaching session as a Client.

That's right!! You will get the chance to experience what a coaching session is like as the client as well as the Coach!!

9. Discover how to earn your course investment back in 6 months.

As part of our Diploma program we have a proven coaching product that you can sell for $1500 and another you can sell for $997. Our students are doing wonderfully well with these products and you can too.

10. Learn all about NLP and why its so important for every coach.

NLP is a game changer in Coaching and in this training we look at the NLP curriculum and how it helps you as a coach.

11. Identify the hottest coaching Niches right now.

If you are looking to specialise we can show you the Niches that are in demand right now and that will help you get started quickly.

12. Forget everything you ever learned about Hypnosis.

In this training we teach you whey Hypnosis is a great modality for Coaches to have and why it doesnt involve stop watches or leather couches.

13. Remember the 2 biggest things you MUST teach EVERY client you work with..and maybe learn yourself..

There are two non negotiable lessons for every client, let us teach you what they are and give you them as beginning to this journey.

14. Discover the step-by-step roadmap to develop the business of your dreams.

Business is about your life and it should be created so that long term you can live a life on your terms.

15. Meet a passionate, driven trainer who knows coaching and has a heart to help you get started as a coach.

Your trainer is a coach and knows coaching and is standing at the front of the room to assist you to become a coach.