7 Steps To Coaching Success

What You'll Learn In This FREE Training..

Have you been looking at becoming a Coach? Are you confused about the options? Have you thought that you would love more information about what becoming a Coach really looks like? In this online Training we take you through all of the possibilities and requirements for becoming a Coach.

What You'll Discover in this Training:

  • Biggest Mistakes Rookie Coaches make
  • The Coaching Skills You Need to Get Started
  • What a 12 Session Coaching Package looks like
  • What the Advanced Techniques in Coaching are - and why you need them
  • What the Engine Room of any Coaching Business is and How You Can make it Work For You
  • The Mindset required to become a GREAT Coach
  • How Coaches create and Utilise Products
  • Why Group Coaching is vita to your development as a Coach
  • A 7 Step Marketing System that delivers results fast every time.
  • Hottest Niches in Coaching right now