Advanced Practitioner of Life Coaching Course (ICF)

Advanced Practitioner of Life Coaching (ICF ACSTH Pathway)

Program Vision and Goals

This course is designed for students who want to work towards an ICF Credential through the ACSTH pathway

It is our aim that at course completion you will:

  • Know and coach using the ICF Core Competencies
  • Have a fully functioning Coaching website and know how to attract coaching clients
  • Be fully trained as an NLP Practitioner
  • Have completed 100 Hours of Coaching (Pro Bono with fellow coaches and Paid)

The Life Coaching College’s Advanced Practitioner of Life Coaching Course provides students with all of this and more..

Instant access to on-line resources – Once enrolled, you’ll be given instant access to our Member’s Area and all the on-line resources including:

  • 2 Day Live Training
  • 10 Hours of Mentoring Coaching
  • Brochure style website created for you
  • Create Your Destiny – Pre Learning Kit
  • 7 Day NLP Practitioner Training
  • All the required classes for your pathway to ICF credentials
  • Advanced skills for the Coach – webinar series
  • Outstanding Coaching in Practice – coaching sessions
  • Marketing and Business Building classes.
  • Certified Coach Video Classes
  • Your Training Manuals

Handbook – You’ll also receive a hardcopy of the course handbook for you to work out of as you go through the Practitioner course. This book will become your bible of coaching with 600 pages of coaching gold to assist you to learn everything you need to get your coaching career started.

Student Contact Hours –

180 in Class (80 Hours compulsory)  and 100 Hours of client coaching experience. (Please check guidelines as per ICF requirements)

Entry Requirements – There are NO requirements as long as the candidate is over 18 years of age.

Assessment – All assessment papers are available online for you to access at your convenience.

Certificate of completion – Upon completion, you’ll receive a certificate confirming your The Life Coaching College Advanced Practitioner, Diploma of Life Coaching as well as Practitioner of NLP.


Learning goals

Coaching philosophy/model/approach



This course has been approved by the International Coach Federation.