How Becoming a Coach Changed My Life – Author Version

Howdy Author!!

Please use the form below to order your copies of our book for personal distribution.. Please note:​

  • We will NOT be ordering books again for at least 9 Months (So order more than you need!)
  • I will be ordering books by July 21.
  • The $6 price tag is books delivered to TLCC HQ. If you want them on-shipped we can do that but you will charged the extra delivery fees.
  • I have organised a 5 day FREE kindle version for your fellow students and will get the links out to you tomorrow.. You can share that link if you like with anyone you want to have the book for free.
  • You can NOT sell the digital version of the book however you can sell as many printed versions as you like at whatever price you like!!

Make sure you celebrate this, it's a wonderful achievement and of course keep your eyes peeled for our next books!

Congratulations again..​