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by Glen Murdoch

In "So You Want To Be A Life Coach" Glen takes you on a complete journey of what is required to become a LIfe Coach today. In the last two decades Coaching has become one of the hottest trends to hit the business World and Personal Development field. 

This book is written as an introduction to Coaching and delivers a substantial overview of  topics as broad as, what Coaching is, how sessions are conducted, coaching packages, and what why the fuss about Niche​s?

Does it sometimes feel like you're living someone else's dreams- and not your own? Do you ever wonder how you've come to have the life that you're currently living? Have you ever dared to dream of a vision brighter than your current reality?

Packed full of tools and insights this book will help you hit the rest button and design the life you truly deserve! This book is filled the latest fascinating research into human behavioural theory and will transform forever how you see yourself and your ability to get what you really want from every day. ​