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Thanks for dropping by and inquiring about mBit. One of our trainers will contact you soon and see if this wonderful Training is a match for you. In the meantime please see our brochure below.

mBIT Training has been a real game changer for me on so many levels.

Firstly, the level of knowledge, depth of experience and passion showed us meant it would be impossible not to truly deeply learn an have the process ingrained into your toolkit of coaching ability. Secondly, the level of commitment of every person in the room to learning and experiencing the process was palpable for the entire four days. many personal AHA moments...through both the alignment process and also mentally combining how mBIT works using breath/trance, putting the icing on the cake for me. Had a thoroughly wonderful time and am really keen to understand more about how to use this process in relation to physical wellness.

Penelope Warnford  //  Coach

mBit training was simply Life Changing....

"This training has been an incredibly powerful and life changing experience for me and I have so beautifully witnessed in others. Mark as a trainer, was kind, compassionate, articulate, funny, guiding and knowledgeable which made this entire experience that much more incredible. I am inspired to now go out and coach mBIT to others and train this to the world one day also. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you."

Natasha Kwazi //  Coach

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Course Code

mbit 001

Training Time

4 Days


Demonstrate language, literacy and numeracy skills to a minimum level of Year 10 secondary schooling or equivalent.


mBIT takes NLP to new levels -- it takes up where NLP left off -- when the developers of NLP decided to throw out the two senses (OG) of Olfactory and Gustatory from the VAKOG sensory 5-tuple, they accidently threw out the intelligence of two of our 3 key neural networks. NLP lost the power and intelligence of the heart and gut brains!

• Now mBIT reclaims and integrates these powerful brains to bring more wisdom to the behavioral technology of NLP.

• The insight of neuro-linguistics: If you've ever 'lost heart', been 'gutted', had a powerful gut reaction, or experienced deep intuitive messages from your heart, then you'll immediately recognize just how pervasive the intelligence and impacts of our multiple brains can be.