Coach Marketing Blueprint..

The best 1-day Coach marketing training EVER..

Are You Interested to Learn How to Build a Successful Coaching Business?

Howdy Coach,

Here is your chance to come along and get started with your coach marketing!!! Glen Murdoch is personally heading around Australia to give you a full day of insight, information, inspiration and a complete Blueprint so you will know exactly how to get started with building a Coaching business. Glen built an incredible software company, created a six figure Coaching business in his first year of coaching and now runs Australia's best Coaching College. He's going to give you the complete map of the steps he took so you can take them too. 

Glens Coaching Blueprint

Over the last 10 years Glen Murdoch has personally trained over 2000 Coaches to achieve business success.

As a result, many of Glen's clients have now become multi-millionaires, while others have achieved complete lifestyle freedom – a business that runs, without the owner.

During this time, Glen has refined his methodology into the Business Blueprint

Now for the first time ever, Glen is going to share the complete Blueprint and he’s going to do it all in just one day. And, for a limited time, this brand-new event is 100% free. If you have ever wondered how exactly a Coach starts a business then this training is absolutely for you.

NOTE: This event will be unlike anything else you have ever experienced. It’s open to all current and aspiring Coaches that are ready to begin the pathway to a coaching career.

Award Winning Teacher, Entrepreneur & Coach

Glen Murdoch is one of the most watched, quoted, and followed personal development trainers in Australia. He is a former Teacher of the Year winner who is now impacting the lives of his students around the Globe. An author, his books include Life Design, So You Want to be a Life Coach, How Becoming a Coach Changed My Life, The Personal Development Playbook, and Secret Entrepreneur Stuff.. He is the owner of 5 successful Businesses including Australia's #1 Life Coaching College. Over 5,000 people attended his classes in the last 12 months, more than 20,000 see his posts every week across the web, and over 3000 students have completed his live courses.. 

Training Details:

Melbourne: April 13th  9am-5pm

Sydney: May 11th 9am-5pm

Brisbane: May 7th 9am-5pm

Perth: May 4th 9am-5pm