Coach Marketing Summit

This two day Training will help you learn all of the latest concepts in Coach Marketing and Traffic generation

Melbourne, Australia

Saturday September 3 and Sunday September 4​

9am - 5pm Venue TBC

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What You'll Learn In This Training

The Coach Marketing summit is our chance to have all TLCc Coaches together for a fun filled weekend of Training, Fun and activity. With guest speakers, workshops, key notes and an insight into how TLCC has become a Training juggernaut this Training is sure to elevate your Coaching business to the next level.

Friday  September 2


Pre Summit Drinks

Saturday September 3

Day 1

Session 1

Welcome and Introduction 

Glen Murdoch CEO and Founder, The Life Coaching College

Session 2

Creating a Marketing Machine 

Glen Murdoch CEO and Founder, The Life Coaching College

Session 3

Self Liquidating Leads with Trip Wires

Session 4

Client Avatar

Facebook Workshop - Reena Shoet

Session 5

  • Campaign Types
  • Managing your campaigns
  • Dominting Demograhics
  • Bidding Strategies
  • Budget Mananagement
  • Ad Types and Tips
  • Create your own Campaign and Ads

Session 6

Session 7

5:30 PM

Summit Drinks

7:00 PM

Summit Dinner

Sunday September 4

Day 2

Session 1

Welcome and Review

Glen Murdoch CEO and Founder, The Life Coaching College

Session 2

Special Guest Presentation

Adwords Workshop - Reena Shoet

Session 3

  • Campaign Structure
  • Sementation
  • Key Word Research
  • Ad Writing
  • Building Campaigns
  • Campaign Management

Session 4

Session 5

Session 6

Developing Your Coach Marketing Machine

Glen Murdoch ​

Session 7

Webinar Mastery - Create, Promote and Automate For Webinar Success

Glen Murdoch ​

Session 8

​The Future: Changes You Must make Now To Remain Relevant

Glen Murdoch ​

Our Training starts September 3 at 9:00am


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Meet Doc...

Glen 'Doc'  Murdoch is an Entrepreneur, Coach, Trainer and the CEO and Founder of The Life Coaching College. Glen is passionate about making the World a better place and his key mechanism to achieve this is the Coaches that graduate from the College. He tells it as it is and at the end of this Training you will know whether a Coaching career is right for you.

Meet Reena

Reena Shohet is a specialist in offering white label digital marketing services to agencies looking to become more profitable.  Reena and Team have managed 562,000 ads and over 78 Million dollars in Ad spend whilst generating over 4,000,000 conversions for clients.  Reena is going to get you up and running with Facebook and Adwords in her 2 practical workshops with you.

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