Coaches’ Toolkit

The Coaches Toolkit Series

Welcome to the Coaches Toolkit series.

Class 1 - Creating Affirmations

- Learn the secrets about how and why affirmations work

- Understand the steps to creating a powerful affirmation

- Think about different ways to share affirmations in your Coaching business

Class 2 - Future Pacing to Success

- Find out about the importance of Future Pacing

- Discover what makes for a great Future Pace in your Coaching sessions

- Experience the essential difference Future Pacing can make to your Client's motivation levels

Class 3 - Great Start Strong Finish

- Learn about the importance of powerful beginnings and endings in Coaching relationships

- Discover the tools to help your Client get the most out of every session

- Increase your referral rate and Client satisfaction

Class 4 - Secret of Strategies

- Learn about the hidden patterns behind everything we do

- Understand the power of bringing strategies to conscious awareness

- Assist Clients to make powerful change by changing their strategy

Class 5 - Be Do Have

  • What do you want to HAVE
  • What three steps can you DO to move you closer to that goal?
  • Who do you have to BE to take those steps?.

Class 6 - Values Elicitation & Realignment

- Learn how to set up a Values session for success

- Gain a fresh perspective on this advanced technique for change

- Help your Client break through the barriers in complex situations or deeply embedded behaviours

Class 7 - Building Deep Rapport

  • Language
  • Delivery of Language (tone, pitch, volume etc.)
  • Body Language
  • Shared feelings, beliefs and attitudes
  • All the things you need to know to build deep rapport.

Class 8 - Powerful Presuppositions

  • Learn how to influence.
  • Use with Intention for outstanding coaching
  • Be aware in your own language
  • Teach your clients!

Class 9 - Advanced Questioning Skills

  • Build on your weekend and discover some more advanced questioning skills

Class 10 - Magical Modalities

•Also known as “Representational Systems”

• How we re-present the world to ourselves internally

• They are the “stuff” of our thoughts, dreams, memories, fantasies and desires

Class 11 - 6 Core Needs

  • Learn how to coach using the 6 Core Needs model.
  • Certainty/uncertainty/Love and Connection/significance/growth/Contribution