Your Final Step For Website Request

Hi! If you are here I am assuming that you have done the following things:

  1. Completed all 11 classes on Marketing in your Members area.
  2. ​Created an account with an email delivery service like Ontraport or Mail Chimp and learnt how to create an Opt In Form with this program. Mail Chimp is FREE and probably the best place to start!
  3. Looked at all Thrive themes and selected the one you like for your website.

We highly recommend using your name as your website address, like, or Unlike specific names, a generic website address, like, will quickly provide a professional platform to promote your new coaching services without limiting your ability to experience different types of coaching.

To attract your potential client to give you their details you will need a Great Opt In Offer. Of course to create this you need to know your clients pain points which means having done all of the Marketing Classes in your membership area.

We will NOT build your site until you have chosen a provider and signed up. The reason is that your website is of little value if it does not allow you to capture the details of the people who visit and then send them some great information as well. Your email provider will allow you to create the form and the automated emails.

The Thrive Content builder has multiple Themes and you can choose the one that best suits you.