Growing As A Coach

The Growing What's Within Series

Welcome to the Growing What's Within Coach Series.

Class 1 - Growing Creativity

- Learn the tools to assist your Client in growing their Creativity

- Discover the 4 steps needed for Creative outcomes

- Learn how to overcome self-sabotage of creativity

Class 2 - Growing Motivation

  • - Learn the secrets to unlock motivation in your Clients

    - Gain access to new motivational techniques and research to share with your Clients

    - Insights into your own motivation

Class 3 - Growing Optimism

- Uncover the secrets to assisting your clients become more optimistic

- Learn valuable tools and tricks to stay on an optimistic track

- Understand why it's worth putting the effort into conscious;y creating a more optimistic outlook

Class 4 - Growing Organisation

- Learn how to uncover what's really beneath your Client's wish to become more organised

- Discover the ways that Clients can become more organised

- Find your own best strategy to put into action!