So..You Want To Be a Coach?

In this 1 day event learn the skills of coaching and discover how to create an incredible lifestyle for you and your clients.


10:00am - 4:00pm

Six Things You Will Discover at  So.. You Want to be a Coach?

Keys To Success as a Coach

What does it take to make it as a Coach and what are the most important things to learn. 

Our 12 Step Coaching System

We have trademarked our very own Coaching System and in this Training we show you what it looks like and why its vital to have a system to follow.

Accreditation Options

Which Accreditation are important, which are made up and why do they even matter?

Why NLP is so important

NLP is the real game changer in Coaching and we want to teach you why it's so important.

How to attract Coaching Clients

Discover our 7 Step Blueprint for client attraction and what we teach you in our 2 day Blueprint Training

Experience Your First Coaching Session

There is no better way to see if you love Coaching than actually doing a session as a Coach and as a Client!

Are you ready to follow that dream?

Is it time to take the very first step toward a new life and create 

a Business that changes peoples lives?

It's Your Time To Discover Your Perfect Passage 
to Empowering People, Creating Change and Achieving
Success as a Coach...


I guarantee this training will help you decide if Coaching is for you..

This is not a Personal Development Training where you get a big high and then leave wanting more 2 hours later. This is a training that will help you make an informed decision about a career move into Coaching.

If you are looking at doing a Coaching course, then this is my personal invitation to you to
join me at Awaken Your Inner Coach


Sean Street

Prison Gaurd

The people that form the TLCC family - all of the incredible trainers and the amazing people behind the scenes are a very special group of people. Glen Murdoch, by being the person he is, has brought together an unbelievable team of transformational influencers who are now an integral part of my life. I am so glad that I managed to work up the courage to make that initial contact with the College and to then go on from there and enrol in the training - it all now seems like another lifetime ago and has completely changed my life.

Your Host, Coach & Trainer

Rhiannon Bush

Rhiannon Bush is a professional life and leadership coach, specialising in intergenerational coaching, training and facilitation. Rhiannon is passionate about helping bridge the communication gap between the generations currently in today’s workforce to promote cohesion and mutual contribution. With a background in corporate consulting as part of a family owned and operated SME, and then as part of JLL’s Workplace Strategy team, Rhiannon is well versed in project and change management, communication strategies and human behaviour.

Ali Buttenshaw

Full Time Mum

Thanks to TLCC for leading a fantastic NLP practitioner training! I'll remember the laughter, the tears and the breakthroughs for years to come & I'm excited for the future!! The quality of Training that I have experienced at TLCC is far beyond anything I have experienced before. I now have the the complete Blueprint for my coaching business and the confidence to change the lives of my clients.

Date: Saturday 6th October 2018
Time: 10am - 4pm
Venue: TLCC HQ
11-12 / 12-16 Garden Boulevard
Dingley Village VIC 3172 
(Off Boundary Road - turn onto Lake Drive)

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Sarah Ann Stevens

Make Up Artist

WOW I just completed my NLP. What a journey of self discovery, what amazing people and facilitators!! Anyone embarking on this course.. don't be afraid, don't be fearful, be open and willing to let go..  We had an amazing trainer who KNEW HER STUFF!! The knowledge and understanding the Trainers have of NLP will give you such an advantage and edge as a practitioner, it will leave you feeling confident as you grow as a coach!!! Thanks to The Life Coaching College for this unforgettable experience!!! Worth every penny!! Or cent!!