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Can you believe that you have reached  the end of your formal training with us? Time really has flown fast!

I get a lot of feedback from students who wish there was a way to stay connected and involved with what goes on here at The Life Coaching College. They don’t want to be on their own when their membership expires, and they don’t know where to go for the support they want.

The other thing is that we keep adding new programs and the students want access to the new stuff! For example in the last 12 months weve added 5 new training days and 2 new manuals to the Diploma program!

I want you to be able never miss a thing that gets added and to stay plugged in with like minded people.

So here is what I’ve come up with thanks to the feedback from the students.

The Life Long Learners Club

  • Ongoing support and mentoring
  • Full access to all classes at your current student level
  • Access to all BONUS classes
  • Opportunity to re-attend any training that you have already attended
  • Full access to the membership site
  • No late fees for assessment, just submit your assessment anytime
  • Hosting for your website
  • Continued support for your website


  • Access to ALL of the cool stuff that you would have previously missed

I know that for me staying connected with like-minded people has been vital.

I also know my education can never stop. I will always be a Life Long Learner.


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