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Take your coaching to the next level with our 9 day Master Practitioner of NLP Training.

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27 Key areas of expertise

6 Brand New areas and patterns of NLP

Approved by the ABNLP

Advanced Matrix Therapies

The Fastest Way for You to become a Master in NLP!

NLP Master practitioner training is going to take you to Mastery level. . How do I know? Because this training is the most effective way to do it. The true advantage of master practitioner training is that it really cements you knowledge about NLP. Not only that, this training will then then add even more tools and skills to your NLP knowledge.

Plus you will be able to become a member of The Australian Board of Neuro Linguistic Programmers as a Master Practitioner of NLP.

What You'll Discover in this Course:

  • New area of NLP

  • Modelling
    Allows us to understand, deconstruct, adopt and teach others’ success strategies.

    Quantum Linguistics
    Problems have their own linguistic structure. Quantum linguistics uses the theories of Quantum Physics to break through the structure of problems and allow the person to find new and creative solutions.

    Cartesian Logic:
    Often people know that some area of their life is not working, however, they cannot put their finger on exactly what is wrong. Cartesian Logic applies the Cartesian Coordinates from mathematics to life issues.

    Values drive behaviour and are the position from where we judge our own and others’ results. If an area of you life isn’t working it will be the unconscious beliefs that support values that need changing. When you change your values you change your life and motivation.

    Meta Programs
    Everything you need to know about what motivates a person, how they process information, what kind of job they will be suited to and how long they will stay in 8 conversational minutes. Useful in career consultation, recruitment, as well as, managing and leading teams.

    Sleight of Mouth patterns
    Powerful language tools for negotiation. They allow you to reframe any objections and win any argument.

  • Deepen and Extend Practitioner learning
  • Advanced Sub Modalities

    Allow you to use submodalities in a less formal way making it more useful in everyday life.

    Allergy cures
    Allow you to retrain the immune system allowing so a person can have more comfortable responses to every day situations and substances.

    Designer Swish
    Allows you to design swish patterns that suit the main drivers of your client. This makes these rapid change techniques more effective with more people.

    Conversational Change:
    It is not always appropriate to be using techniques that seem like therapy to assist people to make change. Conversational change techniques allow you to use language patterns to help people reframe their problems and be more empowered.

    The Milton Model
    The language of influence and has been used by the great orators of the world to influence decisions and change.

    Meta Model:
    All the questions you will ever need to ask and how to use them.

    Advanced Strategies
    How do people make decisions and become motivated? What process do you go through when you learn, buy and fall in love? Does that process serve you or not? How can you change strategies that you run automatically so that you can automatically have what you want? Strategies answer these questions and allow you rewire the structure of your mind.

    Advanced Metaphor Design
    Design metaphors that empower and heal. Whether it is in business, personal development a group of students or a child, learn how to construct stories that effect and transform others.

    Walt Disney Creativity Strategy
    Learn how Walt Disney was able to lead his company in creative genius in a way that was practical and made millions.

    Group Rapport
    How to build rapport with any group and an entire audience.

  • Matrix Therapies

Resolving Grief
Allows you to heal and say what you need to say, to those you love or to those who have caused you pain who have passed away or who you have lost contact with.

Clearing Negative Influences                         Do you ever feel that you are being effected by the negative influences of others? It could be an ex-partner, teacher, boss, bully or ‘friend’. Find out how you can release yourself from those influences so you can make decisions based on who you are and where you want to go.

Deprogramming Patterns from Mum and Dad
Since parents are the major influence on our imprint period we often need powerful techniques to let go of their negative patterns and re-establish our own internal identity, behaviour and values.

Clearing Negative Emotions and Beliefs
Allows you to resolve negative emotions and beliefs, heal the inner child, integrate parts and gain resources that may have been lacking at the time you gained the emotion or belief all in one elegant, profound and rapid process.

Resolving Pain
Find and resolve the emotional and psychological root cause of your pain. This can often have a major impact on your physical body.

Dream Analysis
When we remember our dreams the unconscious mind is giving you a profound message, but what does the message mean? Understand how to decode your dreams.

Symbolic Parts Integration
This is a fast Parts Integration, using more of the right side of the brain, it’s more creative and fun.

Archetypal Download
Ever felt that you don’t have access to the internal resources or confidence you need to move forward? Archetypes are a way of accessing pure resources that are specifically tailored to your needs.

Eliciting Personal History
Allows you to map the major issues in a person’s life and gives you the structure of how to proceed with Therapeutic Coaching.

What Our Students Are Saying:

Michael Decembre

Great training, awesome trainer in Lauren, I wish for all to have this amazing experience.

Silvana Loca

People in the class AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are my new extended family . Life is always changing after these powerful courses - which also shows how to support and embrace personal change and transformation plus the wall of strength i receive from fellow student/friends from the these amazing classes. Thankyou

Luba Harris

 The content of NLP & Masters NLP simply INVALUABLE.I would do it all again if I had the chance..After the NLP Masters, I feel like I now have all  the Coaching  tools, now it is up to me to master these tools and use them on a daily basis. I have so much more confidence when I am engaged in conversations, I have learned to stop and pay attention to my inner voice and challenge it if old habits and self sabotaging thoughts start to surface.

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