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Matrix Therapies™ Created by and taught with permissions from the wonderful Pip McKay

Matrix Therapies® is a set of profound personal development and coaching tools that allow you to transform even the most stubborn and difficult problems, while getting measurable results within a specific time frame.
With Matrix Therapies® you can clear the negative influences of people and events in the past, so that you can have greater success, happiness and reach more of your human potential. Often interactions with particular people can create negative thought patterns, beliefs and emotions in the unconscious mind that limit success. This in turn effects confidence, attitude, behaviour and therefore results. Matrix Therapies® allows you to let go of these influences, access new resources and move forward. Matrix Therapies® gives you a deep sense of resolution, a profound understanding of yourself and others, as well as, creative resources that allows you to access the genius within.

One of the main reasons people do not have what they want in their lives is that they repeat patterns from their parents, such as attitudes to money, career, work-life balance, relationships or health. Often people consciously want to do the opposite of their parents, only to find that they sabotage themselves or procrastinate and don't know why. With Matrix Therapies® you can clear complex patterns of influences, so you can create what you want in all areas of your life. You can also disconnect old patterns from past relationship freeing yourself from ex-partners so you can create new experiences and more fulfilling interactions.

Stress, fear, anger, sadness, guilt and anxiety all effect well-being and the capacity to think clearly and be effective. Negative beliefs around worthiness, success and being lovable also effect the way others perceive us and therefore the quality of our relationships. When we can find the root cause of these emotions, disconnect negative influences and heal stressful events we find that life can be more in flow, we can get things done more easily and people respond to us with greater respect and affection.

Matrix Therapies® walks a middle path between Performance Coaching, that just looks at setting goals and monitoring behaviour, and Counselling and Psychotherapy which can take a long time and not focus on specific outcomes. Matrix Therapies® gives you deep lasting change that takes into account of your humanity while focusing on giving you the outcome you desire. You become a deeper, more authentic person who can take action towards what you want.

Pip McKay initially created Matrix Therapies® in 2001 because she felt that the techniques she had available to her at that time were not effective in healing grief. After creating the Matrix Therapies Grief Script she began to see that the same principals could be effective in clearing old programming from parents and other negative influences. Now Matrix Therapies® has a range of techniques that clear negative emotions and beliefs, assist in dream analysis and use Archetypes to help access internal resources that people may not realise they have available to them. Matrix Therapies™ is taught throughout Australia, New Zealand, North America, Europe, Indonesia and China.