The Master Practitioner of Business and Executive Coaching

All of Your Coaching Basics

All of Your Marketing and Business Building  Classes

3 complete Coaching systems

1:1 Mentoring to build your Business.

The Fastest Way for You to Start a Highly Successful Leadership-Executive Coaching Business!

Many people are intimidated by the idea of creating a Coaching Business... and maybe you feel the same way. The facts are that you just need to learn two chunks of information... You need to learn how to Coach and then you need to learn how to build a business as a Coach.

The fact is that most people are not prepared to do the work required to be successful, if that's you then stop reading now and leave this page... If you're still here then I assume that you're prepared to fight for what you want, which is exactly what you are going to need to do.  I will help you, I will be right there with you and I'll run through walls with you, but I'll never run through them for you! If you're still interested then let me tell you a little more about what's included.

What You'll Get in this Course:

  • The PCP 12
    We start out by Teaching you how to run 12 Life Coaching sessions. This gives you your first product so you can out and change some lives whilst your earning your first Coaching income.
  • All of the key Coaching 101's                        
    All the key Coaching Models so you know how to actually Coach someone. We have included every single step you need for success.
  • 16 Days of NLP
    Pretty well every Influential Coach World Wide is NLP Trained. We will give you the most complete NLP Training available.
  • High Performing Teams Workshop                        
    We give you a system for Coaching a team to become High Performing. Your Training includes PowerPoint presentation, handouts and marketing help. A complete product for your Coaching Business.
  • Extended Disc Consultant and Trainer
    Another complete Coaching package in a box with E-Disc. This Training will give you
    Our incredible client search website that is available to help you generate even more Leads to your business. 
  • How To Run a Workshop
    Training with a group is great for leverage and great for selling! We teach you how to run fantastic workshops.
  • How To Write a Book                        
    Every key person of influence that I know has written at least one book! We take you through a complete system to become a published author.
  • How To Use a Website
    Copy our exact recipe for creating conversion boosting content for your Coaching Business.
  • Your Very Own Website                         
    We build, name and host you your first Template website that is created to be flexible and allow you to build on it as you and your business grows.
  • 24 Business Coaching Sessions
    You will walk away with the complete scripts to conduct 24 Business Coaching sessions across 4  areas including client guides that you can brand with your own logos.
  • 1:1 Mentoring with Glen personally                       
    At this level of the program you get access 1:1 to Glen. Whether it's marketing plans, sales funnels or mentoring on growing your business, Glen will be right there to help you.

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