Master Practitioner of Coaching:
Includes: 7 Specialist Niche Areas:

  • Course
  • Overview
  • live training
  • Online Modules

ICF Series

15 Classes going through the ICF Code of Ethics and Core Competencies in detail with practical application. Encourage Students to watch these as soon as possible in their Coaching studies.

Self Coaching 101

8 classes with accompanying workbook that teach 8 major Coaching techniques in a sequence designed to invoke massive change. This is intended for Coaches to use, to work through any major challenges that THEY are having, but also for them to introduce as a series to their Clients. Workbook may be customised with Coaches’ own front cover with logo but copyright on the bottom of each page must be maintained when reproducing for Client use. Encourage Students to watch these as soon as possible in their Coaching studies, as well as revisit it if they have an area of their life / Coaching studies / business that they are not happy with. This is the ultimate tool for Coaches to learn how to “Self-Coach”, as well as a takeaway 8-session series to use directly with Clients.

1. Wheel of Life

2. GROW Model

3. Understanding Your Rules

4. Realigning Rules

5. Defining Moments

6. Silencing Mini Me

7. SMART with Timeline

8. Celebrating Success

Coach Talk

Introduction to Coach-appropriate language to help Coaches move Clients to Cause. Also intended to educate Coaches on how to use their own language more effectively for themselves.

1. The Reframe – the art of instant reframing with Clients, including 5 simple reframes.

2. Nothing to Justify, Nothing to Prove – how to remove language of excuse and justification from your coaching style and how to be at ease with stepping back from Client results.

3. Try But Why – the reason behind removing these three words from your language and how to do so effectively.

4. Stopping Stories – How to recognise and halt a story (excuse) in its’ tracks in a Coaching session…and how to recognise and stop your OWN limiting stories.

Positive Psychology

Introduction to the world of Positive Psychology and its’ relationship to Coaching mindset. Simple history and application of major concepts from Positive Psychology into your Coaching style.

1. An Attitude of Gratitude – Simple and effective ways to feel happier and change your focus through the use of gratitude.

2. Big Thinking – Based on a classic Coaching Book, “The Magic of Thinking Big”, this class focuses on painting a huge, bright, colourful future and tapping into change by inspiring yourself with big-picture thinking.

3. FLOW – a look into Mihaly Czikszenthmihaly’s findings on the condition of FLOW – and how to induce this creative, happy state more in your own life (and your clients’) through your focus.

4. Your Magnificent Brain – A deep look into how neural networks are formed and the neurology of change.

5. The Brain That Changes Itself – Based on the book of the same name, this class focuses on Neuroplasticity and tapping into this knowledge as hard evidence that neural change is possible.

6. Quantum Connections – Explores application of Quantum Physics in making neurological change and creating positive outcomes in our lives.

The Secret is…

A personal series for Coaches; learn resourceful ways of thinking to help uncover success in your Coaching, your business and your life!

1. You Are Enough – Learn how to tap into your inner resources to make the most of your success now, using what you already know.

2. Give to Live – Learn about the importance of building a giving mindset into your Coaching business and operate from a mindset of abundance.

3. If You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Get – Learn ways of focusing your mind and results using quality self-questioning techniques and learning to ask for what you need to keep moving forward.

EFT in Coaching

Two classes plus resources on the use of EFT in Coaching with Margit.

The Heart of Coaching

In this series, Coaches learn some of the deeper, unspoken skills of Coaching – more than rapport, this is how to really get the heart of building an authentic Coaching presence.

1. Calibrating Your Client – How, when, why to calibrate in a Coaching session.

2. Magnificence in Your Client – Exploring the idea and practice of seeing your Client in magnificence, to assist them to increase their results.

3. The Power of Silence – How and when to use silence in your Coaching sessions to maximise effective communication and allow the Client room to explore.

4. Judgement Free Zone - How to create a truly judgement-free zone in your Coaching.

Coaches Toolkit

The essential skills of Coaching. An extension on ideas from Coaching Mastery Weekend and extra insights to make your Coaching POP!

1. Creating Affirmations – How to create tailored affirmations for your Clients.

2. Future Pacing to Success – The essential skill of Future Pacing, including 3 types of Future Pace.

3. Great Start Strong Finish – How to commence and conclude your Coaching relationships with Clients powerfully.

4. Secret of Strategies – Introduction to strategies – what they are, how they work, how to work with them in Coaching.

5. Be Do Have – Dig deep into this model and figure out how to apply it in ANY Coaching situation.

6. Values Elicitation & Realignment – In depth step by step instructions.

7. Building Deep Rapport – Even more rapport theory and application.

8. Powerful Presuppositions – Introductory look at building presuppositions into your Coaching style.

9. Advanced Questioning Skills – More ideas on how to use quality questions to get quality results!

10. Magical Modalities – Tapping into the power of modalities, including overlapping modalities, to help a Client shift their perspective.

11. 6 Core Needs – An in-depth look at the Six Core Needs and how to use them practically in your Coaching.

An Introduction to NLP

Intended as an introduction to NLP, its history and origins and showing some cool techniques for those who have started their Coaching but not yet attended NLP. Also a good reminder for Prac level students who want to refresh.

1. Introduction to NLP with Lauren Part 1

2. Introductoin to NLP with Lauren Part 2

3. What is NLP

4. Basic Insights and Tools – an introduction to NLP basics including a V/K Dissociation / Scramble

5. NLP for Me! – Embracing NLP not just as a practice but as a philosophy and a way to live.

6. How Master Prac NLP Coaches are outstanding – With Lauren

7. NLP Modelling – an explanation with Glen

8. Masculine & Feminine energies with Dale Part 1

10. Masculine & Feminine energies with Dale Part 3