7 Day ABNLP recognised Practitioner of NLP Training in Adelaide..

Adelaide April 1,2,3,9,10,16,17

Just $2000

2 Qualifications

Take your coaching to the next level with our 7 day Practitioner of NLP Training.

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30 Key areas of expertise

6 Brand New areas and patterns of NLP

Approved by the ABNLP

 Matrix Therapies Certification

“Conquer Today’s Challenges...Take Control Today...”

A Seven Day Event That Will Change Your Life Forever

Ever wondered how some people manage to be so successful in life? NLP shows you how...

Ever wanted to take your life to the next level, but didn’t know how? NLP can...

Ever felt trapped by the limits of your past? NLP can free you...

If you’re plagued by the past, stuck in fear or just unable to get your life moving the way you want it to, NLP will offer new choices to get you to the next level.

Developed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder, for over 40 years NLP has been providing solutions for a happier more fulfilling life for millions of people. Discover how to:

NLP – the ultimate technology of achievement – provides a step-by-step guide for discovering the characteristics of top achievers and creating the blueprint for ultimate success.

    • Be more effective, efficient and successful
    • Improve the quality of your life
    • Communicate more effectively
    • Get the life you want
    • Eliminate fears, phobias and low self-esteem
    • Learn the success secrets of top achievers

    A Few of the Challenges You Can Work With As an NLP Practitioner

    Lack of Direction
    Limiting Beliefs
    Grief or Loss
    Negative Emotions eg. Anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt, victim, martyrdom, control etc.
    Unwanted Habits
    Lack of Confidence/Self esteem
    Lack of Motivation
    Decision Making
    Conflict with another person
    Nightmares or dream deciphering
    Negative associations to external visuals, sounds, touch, tastes & smells
    Bad speller or other learning difficulties
    Incongruence / Internal Conflicts
    Can't deal with stress
    Time management
    Relationship problems

What You'll Discover in this Course:

NLP Presuppositions


Rep Systems


Changing Drivers

Meta Programs


Elicit Strategies

Meta Model


Swish Pattern


Milton Model



Changing Drivers

State Management


Logical Levels

Ericksonian Hypnotherapy

What Our Students Are Saying:

Michael Decembre

Great training, awesome trainer in Lauren, I wish for all to have this amazing experience.

Silvana Loca

People in the class AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are my new extended family . Life is always changing after these powerful courses - which also shows how to support and embrace personal change and transformation plus the wall of strength i receive from fellow student/friends from the these amazing classes. Thankyou

Luba Harris

 The content of NLP & Masters NLP simply INVALUABLE.I would do it all again if I had the chance..After the NLP Masters, I feel like I now have all  the Coaching  tools, now it is up to me to master these tools and use them on a daily basis. I have so much more confidence when I am engaged in conversations, I have learned to stop and pay attention to my inner voice and challenge it if old habits and self sabotaging thoughts start to surface.

A Sneak Peak Into The NLP Prac Manual

A Sneak Peak Into The Matrix Therapies Manual

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