Self Coaching 101 Series

Self Coaching 101 Series

Welcome to the Self Coaching 101 Series. This series of classes is COMPULSORY for your learning and comes with an associated handout. At the completion of this series you will have an idea of what a multiple Coaching package looks like as you would have experienced that exact process. Take your time and enjoy the classes, working through the workbook as you go.

Download Your Self Coaching Series Workbook 

Class 1 - The Wheel of LIfe

Class 2 - The GROW Model

  • Learn the World wide and accepted GROW model for coaching.
  • Further enhance your knowledge from your training weekend


Class 3 - Understanding Your Rules

Discover your deepest values, the drivers of your behaviour- Understand the rules you have created that can make it impossible to experience your Values, leading to feelings of frustration- With a deeper level of awareness, prepare to create new rules to make for a smoother ride in your life

Class 4 - realigning Your Rules

Gain insight into some of the ways your thinking has sabotaged your success in the past- Create powerful new rules to accelerate your results- Break away from the habits of the past that were holding you back. The sky is the limit!

Class 5 - Defining Moments

Discover a deeper level of Coaching- Uncover where your underlying beliefs come from- Learn to reframe old beliefs into new ones that serve you better- Eliminate old unconscious patterns that are holding you back

Class 6 - Silence Mini Me

Learn to recognise the self-talk that is holding you back- Understand the reasons you say the things to yourself that you say- Learn easy ways to silence your inner critic and create a more empowering inner dialogue- Move forward with more confidence and freedom to create the life you want!

Class 7 - SMART with Timeline

Learn how to build a compelling vision to help you achieve your new goal.- Put your goal into the SMART format to help you take action more easily than ever before!- Use NLP techniques to assist with your goal setting to guarantee success.

Class 8 - Celebrating Success

Notice and measure your progress- Gain powerful insights into what makes you tick and helps you make the changes you want in your life- Plan your next moves and grooves to keep up the momentum- Celebrate your success!