TLCC Proudly Presents our Inaugural

Soul Coaching Cruise

Welcome to the Profession of Soul Coaching®


“At the edge of the mind end awaits a holy wilderness of the soul. It beckons you, like an ancient forest filled with the vast mysteries and wonders. Soul Coaching® is a simple path of the heart to the temple that dwells at its depth” - Denise Linn, Founder of Soul Coaching®

‘Soul’ is a word we use to describe the central or integral part of something; it is the vital core. In its most profound sense, it also describes the essence of every human being. It is that place within each of us that is infinite, eternal, and universal. Soul Coaching® is a world renowned system that helps you facilitate a client in decluttering mental, emotional, spiritual and physical blockages and discover a deep authenticity and connection with self. It differs to life coaching in that rather than a focus on a goal or desired state you aid your clients in discovering their own deeper wisdom and connection to their unique internal dialogue. You support and facilitate a sacred inner journey and deep soulful connection within the people you work with by using ancient wisdoms in a contemporary way.

Soul Coaches worldwide hold the mantra “The Soul Loves the Truth” - this is ultimately what Soul Coaching® is about - helping people thrive in their life by finding deep honesty within themselves.

Meet your Trainer: Dr Cassie Schwind

Psychologist (BA(Hons)(Psych); DPsych(Couns.); MAPS).

Soul Coaching® Master Practitioner, NLP Practitioner, Matrix Therapies Practitioner and mBIT Coach.

I have had over 16 years' experience in walking beside people in their healing and growth. My goal has always been to leave people with a deeper understanding of themselves by aiding the healing of old wounds or to create new ways of living life to the fullest. I have spent many years exploring and learning different modalities and teachings both here in Australia and overseas so that I can offer various ways to explore and access a deeper personal knowing. I am passionate about the craft of facilitating transformation and inner knowing. I love the synergy between ancient wisdom and contemporary knowledge.

My main background is in Psychology. Although I work with many aspects within this field, my passion has been in Trauma. This has been a great mentor in understanding humanness and just what we are capable of when we connect with our deepest knowing of Self. I learnt how extraordinary people can be in overcoming great pain. It has been this mentorship that lead me to seeking other wisdoms. I have interests in ancient spiritual knowledge and philosophies such as shamanic practice. This took me on the path that lead to Soul Coaching® - a system based on the wisdoms of the elements of Air (Mind), Water (Emotion), Fire (Spirit/Soul) and Earth (Body). Denise Linn the founder of Soul Coaching® brought in her Native American heritage to offer this beautiful wisdom in a way that our contemporary lifestyle could benefit. As this had such profound impact on my work and in my own life I sort further forms of coaching such as NLP, Matrix therapies and mBit coaching. This melting pot of knowledge comes with experience in public and private sectors in roles such as individual and group therapy, workshop facilitation and Lecturer in Psychology at Swinburne University.

The short of it is I have a big toolbox that is always open to knew knowledge and experiences and I love nothing more than engaging with people in wisdom exchange.

Here's a Breakdown of the Curriculum

How to Build Deep Rapport with Your Clients:

Rapport building is crucial to creating a relationship where transformation in your client can occur. Every interaction you have is a chance to build and maintain rapport. In this course you will learn many techniques that will allow you and your client to establish a soulful connection, such as:

• Mirroring and Matching

• Rapport-Physiology Methods

• Synchro-Breath

In addition, you will be taught how to prepare yourself and self care over the time you work with your client/s.

How to Conduct a Highly Effective Client Interview:

• What are the most effective questions to ask

• How to adjust the questions for each individual client

• The importance of paying attention to language

• How your Client Intake form can begin the rapport building and assist your sessions by drawing out important information

How to Guide Your Client on a Soul Journey

One of the unique methods used by Soul Coaches is the Soul Journey. This is a special, guided visualisation meditation that allows a client to go beneath day-to-day life and access their deeper inner knowing.

• Learn 6 techniques to get your client into a deep relaxed state easily and effortlessly including a toolkit of relaxation phrases, words and affirmations

• Understand how to utilise ancient breath methods to deepen the journey

• Learn important tips in conducting Time Line or Past Life Soul Journeys

• Have access to 30 guided Soul Journey suggestions along with a base script to create your own

• Understand how to use an inquiry process to access the soul’s inner wisdom

• Learn a range of powerful resolution techniques in Time Line Journeys or Soul Journeys

• Discover how your clients can integrate their soul messages into their lives

How to Create Sacred Space

• Learn how important the coaching environment is to the results that are created

• Understand the meanings of the four elements and how to utilise these deeper wisdoms in your sessions

• Learn how to create an environment that provides the optimum healing energy for your sessions.

• Learn the secrets of how sacred space creation can make your coaching sessions even more effective

• Discover how to clear a space and balance yourself (and your client) before and after a coaching session

• Understand how essential oils and music can contribute to your coaching by activating the senses

How to conduct the 28 day Soul Coaching® Program:

• Learn about the ancient wisdom of the four elements of Air (Mental), Water (Emotion), Fire (Spirit) and Earth (Physical) - the soul’s inner landscape

• Learn how to set up and assist your client through the program

• Learn the importance of ritual and creating intention

• Understand the importance of the Soul Quest - bringing the four elements together

• Learn how to conduct this as a group program or online program

Tools to Use with Your Clients Along the Journey:

• You will learn the unique Vision Board system of Soul Coaching® where 9 sectors of the board guide you and the client to uncover the inner messages

• Learn additional ideas for creative access to the deep messages within such as Spirit Sticks, Miracle Boxes, and Spirit/Medicine bags

• Learn the power of group processes such as Vision Circles, Coffee Shop/Wine Bar reunion method

• How to conduct space clearing and the use of altars to support connection

• Learn about 6 different Time Line templates to use with your clients to shift old into new

• Discover power-affirmations to use in your sessions (and why usual affirmations often don’t work)

How to Build Your Coaching Practice

• Crafting a successful business plan

• Effectively getting your own unique Soul Coaching® business

• Strategies for increasing your business

• Choosing the best location for your classes

• Strategies for online delivery

• Creating effective and useful client profile forms

• Professional and Ethical considerations

• Expanding your prosperity as a professional Soul Coach

How can You Work with Your Clients


You may work with clients on an individual basis by doing the set 28 day Soul Coaching Program or you can create your own packages using any of the Soul Coaching® methods you will be taught. Alternatively, clients may just want a one off session using any of the techniques. The Vision Boarding method you will be taught can also be done as a package as there are 9 sectors that can explored in depth over several sessions or within a session.


Groups are a really powerful way to do this work. You can take a group through the 28 day program by meeting weekly and providing Soul Journeys and experiential processes during this time. You will have a number of projects, or processes to choose from that still make these group session unique and powerful.

Online ( single client or group)

Not everyone has the time or geographical advantage to be able to attend an in person group program, so online Soul Coaching is perfect for these people. With online Soul Coaching your clients have the advantage of going through life changes while in the comfort of their own home. You will learn various technology solutions from phone calls, to email or video conferencing that allows this process to still be powerful and sacred. You will receive digital formats of all 28 day programs in order to be able to email workbooks and other tools for your clients use, this includes audio recordings by Denise Linn herself of the meditations for each day of the program. This makes a wonderful gift for your clients.

Corporate and Business solutions:

Taking the power of Soul Coaching into the work environment can make a difference for companies that understand the value of empowering their employees. Offering some of the single session workshops or events at a business level can allow you to reach more people, effect more change, and also potentially gain more private clients. This is especially effective for those who have worked in the corporate world, and can apply these concepts to work challenges.

All this on a Beautiful Cruise through the South Pacific

  • 8-10 day Cruise
  • Our own designated conference Training space
  • All Meals
  • Your Accomodation
  • Complete Practitioner of Soul Coaching Course
  • Shore visits to exotic Islands like Noumea, Lifou, Mystery Island and Mare 

“As a Soul Coaching Practitioner, your mission will be to create a safe space within which your clients can listen to the inner messages from their soul. Through Soul Coaching they will discover their authentic self, and begin to realize the meaning of their life. It is an act of power to provide this for another being. Becoming a Soul Coach not only profoundly contributes to the well being of others, but also it is a very personal voyage. Along the way you discover even more of the majesty and power that dwells within you.

Ultimately there is a much bigger vision for us as coaches.As we contribute, with integrity and majesty to the well being of others, I believe that we are also contributing to the collective consciousness, thus making the world a better place for us all.” ~ Denise Linn, Founder of Soul Coaching