Congratulations - You're IN...

You're Enrolled!! One of our team will call you shortly to confirm your spot

Please check your email and Phone for reminders and details and we look forward to seeing you in the room..

Important Information Below:

1. We will be sending reminders to your inbox

Prior to your event we will pop reminders out to you so you absolutely know how to prepare and also so we can send you some bonus gifts and resources.

2. We will be giving you a call

Before the event we like to check in with you, find out what your hopes and dreams are, make sure you know all the important information about the event and generally make sure that this is the right event for you and that you are the right attendee for us.

3. bring a friend

We want to extend an invite for you to bring a friend along. Perhaps it is someone who may be interested in Coaching or even a partner that will help with your decision making? We have found that it's fun  to have a buddy in the room with you.


We run our COMPLETE Diploma and Master Practitioner program Live in our Brisbane Training Center.