The Advanced Diploma Enrolment Page

The Advanced Diploma Enrolment Page

Welcome to the enrolment page for the TLCC Advanced Diploma of Life Coaching course. This page is for all students who are payment plan fee paying students and by submitting this page you agree that you have read all Terms and Conditions from the TLCC site.

Once you have enrolled the process that follows is:

  1. TLCC student support will finalise your enrolment with a welcome phone call
  2. TLCC student support will book you into all trainings available to you for your course on your welcome call
  3. TLCC student support will arrange for your username and password to be sent out to grant access to the TLCC student portal
  4. You will celebrate! We find chocolates, wine and fine food is a great place to start!

Congratulations and I look forward to meeting you personally soon.


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