How to Create and Sell $1k to $10k Coaching Packages—Even If You’ve Never Created A Premium Package Or Billed More Than $100 Per Hour Before!

It’s time to stop selling yourself—and your talents—short! Learn how to uplevel your coaching biz and start commanding top-dollar fees…

Hey there fellow coach,

You’ve probably seen them. Coaching offers that range well into 4- and even 5-figures.

Whether you’re a life coach, a business coach, a dating and relationship coach, or even a health and wellness coach, chances are there is someone—maybe quite a few someones—charging top dollar in your niche.

Why aren’t you?

The Hurdles That Hold You Back

Let’s be honest here. If you’ve been coaching for more than a week or two, you’ve no doubt learned by now that people need and want what you have to offer—and they’re willing to pay for it. And when you stop to consider that, it won’t take long to realize that what’s holding you back is…you.

 You let your negative self-talk convince you that you’re not worth top dollar.

 You put off creating high-end packages (telling yourself that you don’t know how).

 You remain stuck in an outdated business model.

 You surround yourself with people who don’t “get it” or who say they’re on your side, but who really aren’t.

 You convince yourself that your market “just doesn’t have any money.

”The list goes on and on, but if you want to break free from your self-imposed income cap, it’s time to start thinking and acting like a highly-paid coach, and that starts with…​

Changing The Way You Think About—And Run—Your Business

Now, I can’t sugarcoat this. If you want to command top-tier coaching rates, and you’re currently charging less per hour than your car mechanic, then you’ve got some work to do. The good news is, it’s not impossible. The better news is, you ARE up to it—we all are—if you have the right pieces in place.

If you’re struggling to put together the packages and service offers that will compel people to buy, or you worry that you don’t have the chops to command those kinds of rates, then you’re in the right place.

I’ve got everything you need to build a high-end coaching practice from the ground up—no matter where you’re starting from.

Premium Packages: How to Create and Sell $1k to $10k Packages

There’s no magic formula here, and no secret handshake to learn. Just simple, step-by-step plans to turn your so-so coaching business into a premier service that will have your calendar booked for weeks and even months to come. Not to mention a healthy balance in your bank account.

​It all starts in Module 1 of this 4-Module course, where you’ll discover the simple strategies you can use to reboot your mindset and start thinking (and acting) like a high-end coach.

​Module 1: 3 Simple Solutions for Repositioning Your Business to Get $10k Clients

​If you’re feeling stuck serving low-paying clients, or you can’t quite push through that income ceiling you’ve hit, chances are good that your mindset and language are to blame.

​Module 1 is all about readjusting the words you use—both externally, to potential clients and others—and internally, to yourself.

​ Top 3 mindset makeover goals that have the power to dramatically change your life and your business

 3 proven strategies to increase your personal worth factor—this one change will automatically give your income a boost Ninja tricks for discovering what other coaches in your niche are earning—the results might just shock you

 How to kick your negative self-talk and secret saboteurs to the curb—doing this will instantly catapult you to top-level status

 The easy (and oh-so-effective) way to break those habits that hold you back from success

 4 ways to adjust your business plan to accommodate and attract top-tier clients—get this right and you’ll build a foundation for future growth and increased income long term

 How to get even your current clients excited about your new, higher prices

​Laying the groundwork for your new business plans is critical to your future success, so don’t gloss over Module 1, but Module 2 is where the real benefits start to shine through.

Module 2: Raise Your Profile to Add More Zeros to Your Income

Module 2 is all about your image, because believing you’re worth top-dollar is only part of the equation. You have to also present yourself and your business in a way that leaves no doubt as to your expertise and coaching skills.

In this Module, we’ll cover…

 The ins and outs of rebranding—including one way to ensure you are still recognizable to your core client base.

 Why it might make sense to jettison everything about your old business and start completely fresh—and how it will impact your current clients

 A real-life case study of one brand’s makeover—and the spectacular results they achieved.

 3 areas that deserve special attention—even if you do nothing else, updating these three things can uplevel your business.

 The critical difference between so-so sales funnels and profit-pulling powerhouses that prove you’re worth every penny you charge

 Why it’s imperative to take a hard look at your colleagues and professional connections—and 3 people you must seek out if you want to earn top dollars.

 Why quality matters in all things—and the top infrastructure choices coaches at your level use and recommend. How to build your dream team—without them, you’ll be stuck doing everything yourself, and you’ll never meet your income goals.

 The secret weapon all high-caliber coaches have—and it’s probably not what you’re thinking.

Improving your profile—both externally and internally—will work wonders for your “saleability.” But in Module 3, we’re going to see what it really takes to position yourself among the top coaches in your niche.​

Module 3: Premium Package Positioning & Planning for a Big Payday

What do your coaching packages say about you? You might just be surprised. In Module 3, we’ll work through the types of packages high-end clients expect—and that you can easily create.

 A 3-step plan for mapping out your packages and funnels.

 The 2 most important positioning tactics every package must include—miss these, and you’ll be right back where you started, with low-end offers and so-so clients.

 3 ways to add necessary substance and staying power to your top products—with real life examples from some of today’s highest earning coaches.

 6 types of coaching packages—and the unique components of each that makes them a compelling addition to any top-tier coach’s offerings.

 Effective “extras” that will serve to get your prospective buyers off that metaphorical fence

 How to get your newly refined offers in front of your target audience—without this last piece, all the work that went before is pointless.

By the time you’re done with Module 3, you’ll have a well-rounded catalog of coaching services that attract your target market and present them with an offer they simply cannot refuse. All that’s left? The selling. And that’s covered in-depth in Module 4.

Module 4: How to Sell Your Packages and On-Board Fun, Excited Clients

We love to say how much we hate sales, but here’s the truth: you have to be able to sell yourself, or you’ll never command top dollar. The good news? It’s not so hard to do, especially if you believe in yourself and your coaching skills (see Module 1 if you need a refresher).

In Module 4, we’ll take a good look at the exact strategies you need to master, starting with…

 Why “free consultations” are driving away your ideal client—and what to do instead.

 5 elements your discovery session must have, or your clients (and potential clients) will never see the value in them.

 Actionable tips for creating cohesive and instantly recognizable packages, including one that’s so counterintuitive, you’ll be amazed it works at all (but believe me, it does)!

 4 ways graphic elements can work to make sales easier—or kill them all together (when you do it wrong).

 How to re-think the well-worn (maybe worn out) “urgency factor” that seems to drive so many sales pages. When you get this right, clients will be breaking down your virtual doors to buy.

 How to create a “taste test” that actually works, and will compel buyers to uplevel their experience with your higher-end products and services.

 Inside secrets for the number one selling tool in your arsenal, including a 3-step, can’t miss strategy that’s so simple, you’ll wonder why no one else is teaching it.

 How to choose the perfect coaching package to promote, plus 4 types of offers that are proven to perform.

 3 common mistakes to avoid in your promotions—simply being aware of these stumbling blocks will put you ahead of 90% of your competition.

Selling isn’t icky or dirty or uncomfortable…or at least it shouldn't be. When you learn (and fully understand) the strategies outlined in Module 4, you’ll feel like a natural—and you’ll have the sales figures to prove it!​

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About the Author: Glen Murdoch

Glen has over 25 Years experience as an Entrepreneur, Coach, Trainer and Author. He created Australia's biggest Life Coaching Program and helps students develop wildly successful Coaching Businesses where they get to change the lives of their clients and live the life they are destined for.

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